About Us

We recognize and celebrate the bond which exists between people and their animal companion.  We are people who freely and gladly pay attention to all aspects related to our pets.  We enjoy sharing with other pet guardians our affection and interest for the wellbeing of the animals we share our lives with.

This is the basic reason we really enjoy what we do. This is why we are committed to make KITT & PUPP a nice and comfortable place for people who like us are interested in offering their pets a healthy living and FUN interaction.

We have to offer nutritional foods, useful accessories, cosmetics, FUN gadgets and many other things that will facilitate your daily contact with your four legged child.

Our pets bestow on us their total loyalty and trust without condition or limitation. It would be correct in return to acknowledge the responsibility to protect and love them as they deserved.

The intention of our website and on-line shop is to be informative, honest, user friendly and enjoyable without losing our attention to the main aspect of our connection, our common interest for the wellbeing of the animals we have under our care.

We cordially invite you to navigate through them with an open mind and good heart… and of course you are always welcome at our store